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The Value of Relationship Check-ins & Questions To Explore With Your Partner

Intimate relationship check-ups may assist in maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship. These check-ins may guide couples to increase a mutually felt connection, communication, openness, and honesty, as well as, to address difficulties or concerns before relational destruction.

Some potential benefits of intimate relationship check-ups include the following:

  1. Improved communication: Check-ins allow partners to share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns; this may improve communication and understanding within the relationship.

  2. Greater connection: Check-ins may also guide couples to stay connected and focused on each other, even when outsourced obligations become pressing.

  3. Enhanced intimacy: Regular check-ins may allow a maintained connection on an emotional level to foster intimacy.

  4. Conflict resolution: Check-ins are likely to increase the opportunity for couples to address issues or conflicts that may have arisen, allowing conflict resolution discussion in a healthy, beneficial and productive way.

Overall, intimate relationship check-ups may be a valuable tool for couples to utilize in their relationship to maintain a strong and healthy dynamic with one another.

Questions to check in with your partner as a way to intentionally reflect with one another; because direct communication is magic. A lot of these are themed around becoming privy to one another's inner worlds:

  1. What are the top 3 subjects that have been taking up space in your mind lately?

  2. What are your most pressing or troubling concerns?

  3. Is there anything that's keeping you from feeling your best lately?

  4. Are there any ways I can be more supportive?

  5. What are some ways you'd like to make time to connect this week?

  6. How does it feel when we are apart? What are the good aspects, and what are bad?

  7. When one of us is traveling or very busy with external commitments (i.e., work, children, etc.), what makes you feel most connected?

  8. Are there any independent routines, habits, or practices you enjoy when you're alone that you want to incorporate into everyday life when we are together?


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