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The Role Of Love In Therapy

Sigmund Freud noted the importance of love in the healing of the human psyche (Divine, & Paul, 2015, p. 25). Love may be considered a common thread of social connection. It is potentially the most intensely thought about thing in all of history. Love may be described as a feeling of obsession, overwhelming emotions, a feeling of magical experience or an overwhelming and intense emotion. Integrating relational dynamics into the understanding of love and how individuals love themselves and each other play a significant role in shaping one's way of offering love. Your relationship with your family will significantly shape your relationship with partners, children, friends; any interactive and relational engagement with another. Relational dynamics with partners, family members, children, and friends are all different, but the engagement is either healthy, or classified as another form of engagement. Love is also considered a set of behaviors associated with the experience, the feeling, the interaction with the other: holding hands, kissing, hugging, public display of affection, dating, marriage, having children or having sex.

Love Is Catered Individually

Where love becomes catered to each specific relationship is subjective to cultural relativity. If love is something that can be defined, then how is it in opposition of meaning for so many people? It could be thought that love is made as a unique emotional engagement where such a feeling is created in conjunction with the unique experience.

Evidence proves that chemicals in your brain are stimulated by another person which can develop a familiarity of that person by creating habits of recognition cite. The evidence states that that person comes to satisfy a psychological craving and the individual love continues to seek more.

Therapeutic Relationship & Love

The therapeutic relationship orients around an offering of love that is the potential for healing and transformational growth. As the therapist, I offer a relational engagement that is selfless. This offering is an endeavor to be fully present which exists for the individual to transform and seek opportunity for healing. Carl Rogers believed that agape is a selfless and non-possessive approach to love for another (Divine, & Paul, 2015, p. 27). This is considered an unconditional positive regard for the meaning of pure, unselfish love. This offering is a relationship to enable the healing of past wounds and the potential for new growth.


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