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How To Deescalate & Reduce Levels Of Emotional Intensity

  1. Take a deep breath and introduce calming affects as points of down regulation. This may guide you think more clearly and respond from a cognitive and logical perspective with a measured approach.

  2. Allow yourself to normalize the feeling of being overwhelmed, and that you are not isolated in this experience. This awareness may allow you to experience a feeling of pressure alleviation as a sense of independent responsibility becomes unweighted.

  3. Entertain thoughts of the alternative perspective, either from an external source of influence that may have opposing opinions which are creating friction, as well as contributory influence that may be inducing your emotional intensity. This practice may assist you in enhancing clarity as to why the other is having internalized emotional experience fluctuation. This is an opportunity for you to integrate empathy into the experience and address the concerns from a productive and logically driven point of view.

  4. Avoid anger, rage, or intensity that you are actively seeking to eradicate. Maybe intertwine breath work practices, meditation, or a purposeful separation from heightened energy with another person. It may likely be beneficial to integrate a sense of avoidance to absorption in the emotional intensity of the situation.

  5. Seek an intimate and isolated space for you to down regulate autonomously. With the practice of creating separation from others, creates an opportunity to reroute your nervous system, coming to deeper understanding of your emotional to cognitive integration. As well, this may cultivate opportunity to gain clarity on approaching the situation from an alternative perspective by nervous system regulation.

Overall, a primary objective to deescalating interpersonally and reducing levels of emotional intensity is to integrate a sense of calm, focus and pointed attention to seek inward awareness and removal of heightened stimuli from external influences.


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